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Our Services


Our Engineering experience and equipment allows us to successfully deliver engineering solutions.

Car set-up

We are able to set-up your track or race car, based on your driving style and intended use.

Restore & rebuild

Utilising our skilled technicians, our in-house equipment, we are able to deliver all levels of restoration.


From basic engine service to full damper dyno and rebuild, we will ensure your car's ongoing health.

Track day prep

Trust us for meticulous race preparation, ensuring your racing car is ready for success on the track.

Race car hire

Our fleet of track cars cater to a full range of experience and budget levels at any tracks across the UK.

Engineered solutions

We don’t simply offer off the shelf solutions, we develop fully engineered parts, designed and fabricated/machined specifically to your needs to guarantee reliability and maximum performance. 

Sports Prototype Uprights

Clean sheet desing and manufacture of billet uprights for a sports prototype race car. Rapid prototyping was utilised in the early development before an extensive test and evaluation program was executed.

Shift actuator bearing housing

Material changes along with improved specification bearing results in greatly improved service life over the original manufacturers part.

Suzuki Hayabusa Water take off

Billet Aluminium water take off for the Hayabusa engine, improved hose engagement as original manufacturers plastic part known to fail with age.

TVR in-tank swirl pot

Compact in tank swirl pot developed for a LS7 powered TVR. Utilizing a Bosch 044 motorsport fuel pump fed by two lift pumps ensuring constant fuel pressure under all circumstances.

Motorsport engineering solutions